See what you can do with Waratek

Enable security to scale with modern software development using Security-as-Code

Setup your applications

Prepare your applications for immutable security

Navigate to Applications in the main navigation
Applications are central spaces for policies and agents
Quickly & easily configure a new application in a few clicks
Navigate to Policies in the main navigation
Policies are spaces that organize security rules
Create a policy to associate with the application
Navigate to Applications in the main navigation
Open the application to assign the policy to
Edit the application to associate the policy with

Define your immutable security behavior

Gain visibility and control through configurable policy that enables you to work the way you want to work - in a terminal or a UI

Edit the policy config file in your favorite text editor
Define the behavior to apply on the app in a single file
Define a rule to detect or protect vulnerabilities
Save the policy config file to apply behavior without deploy
From the policy page open the rule wizard
Select from 24 immutable rules to detect or protect
Define the parameters of your desired security behavior
Save the rule to take effect immediately
Perform a SQL attack to log the exploit in detect mode
With the attack successful, navigate to the application

Deploy protection without DevOps

Deploy new and changed rules instantly without waiting for code changes, the build process, or release windows

With the attack successful, navigate to the policy
Edit the previously defined SQL injection detect rule
Toggle the detect mode to protect mode
Reset the test to attempt another SQL injection attack
Enter the same string that previously worked
Verify that further attempts to exploit are impossible

Choose a better way to secure

Want to see more use cases? Schedule some time to get a personalized demo. Learn how to secure everything with rules for the following.

SQL Injection

Cross-Site Scripting

File Reads

File Writes

Path Traversal

Socket connection

Insecure Deserialization




Broken Authentication

Remote Code Execution

Input Validation

DNS Rebinding

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